Learn How to Write A Great Literature Review
A literature review requires a lot of research in the writing process. It evaluates the existing literature in your chosen topic area. For this, it includes a survey of scholarly sources to provide an overview. These include books, journal articles, reports, etc.However you can go for professional write my essay service for more help online.

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Good literature review not just summarizes but also analyzes, interprets and evaluates a literary work. A writer has to be well prepared to come up with new ideas by utilizing multiple sources. Similarly, it is also an essential part of writing a thesis.

Continue reading to understand the steps required to write a perfect literature review.

How to Write A Literature Review?

Here is how you can write a perfect literature review for your research paper.

  1.       Choose and Evaluate Existing Literature

The first step involves creating a list of keywords that are related to your topic and research question. Therefore, find useful articles to come up with more relevant sources.

  1.       Finding Connections

The next step is to identify the relationship between the selected sources. It is essential to organize the arguments and structure of your literature review. Look for the following points while evaluating the sources.

  • Trends: What became more popular over time
  • Themes: Which concept occur more often
  • Debate and Conflicts: Where the source disagrees
  • Gaps: What are the missing elements in the literature that needs to be addressed
  1.       Deciding the Structure

Different approaches or methodologies are used to organize the literature review. It can follow a:

  • Chronological
  • Thematic
  • Methodological
  • Theoretical Framework
  1.       Writing the Literature Review

A literature review has the following three sections like any other academic research paper:


If you are writing a literature review for your thesis or dissertation, you should:

  • Restate the research question
  • Summarize the entire document

Moreover, a writer must also provide some historical background of the topic by mentioning the objective.

Main Body

Divide your body paragraphs into subsections for each theme. Also, consider the following things while writing the body of your literature.

  • Mention and combine the important points of each source
  • Paraphrase the research work of others
  • Make your own interpretations
  • Discuss your findings and its significance


The last section includes the summarization of your key findings. Make sure to include the research gaps within the existing literature. You can also add its contribution to the field area.

Furthermore, a writer must also discuss the implications by making suggestions for future research.

Editing and Proofreading

After finish writing, remember to edit and proofread your work a number of times. You can do it yourself or can also hire a write essay for me service to proofread it for you. Many online companies provide such services to high school or college students at affordable rates. 

In this way, you will ensure that the paper does not miss anything important and is free from any language mistakes. Moreover, it will also help to identify any grammatical or punctuation mistakes along with the wrong sentence structure that might go unnoticed previously.

This detailed guide will help you write a great literature review for your research work

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